DIY Hunting Camps In The Payette National Forest

We offer DIY Camps in Unit 25 in the Payette National Forest, along the South Fork of the Salmon River. Our Packer packs you in to a location of your choice in our licensed area ( No Further than 9 Miles from the trailhead ) You Bring your own Camp gear, Food, personal gear, & Communication Device. You will be in communication with our packer so if you get the game down the packer can retrieve the game from the Kill spot and bring it back to Yellow Pine to be put in the cooler. When the Hunt is over the Packer will bring horses for you and mules to pack your gear back to the trailhead. It is the client’s responsibility to set up their camp and to have the camp broke down on the pack-out day, It is also the client’s responsibility to dress and quarter their game so it is ready for the packer.

Some of the Trail Heads to Choose from:
Four Mile
Camp Creek
Buck Horn Creek
Pheobe Meadows
Indian Ridge

Elk Season for Unit 25
Archery: A Tag / Any Elk / August 30th through September 30th
Riffle: B Tag / Antlered Only / October 15 through November 3rd

Mule Deer Season for unit 25
Archery: August 30th through September 30th
Riffle: October 10th through October 31st

Black Bear August 30th through October 31st
Wolf August 30th through April 30th

Client is responsible for Purchasing there License and Tags
We have Clients meet or follow us to the trail heads with your vehicles by 9am on the pack In day.
There are rooms available in Yellow Pine if Preferred: Steve Holloway @ Alpine Village 208-697-7343 Or Hotels in Cascade, Idaho which is the closest town other than Yellow Pine.

2500 Per Man 2 Person Minimum OR 2300 Per man Group of 3 or More

Price does Not Include:
6% Sales Tax OR 3% Federal Use Tax