We are a small family owned business based out of Yellow Pine, Idaho. My husband and I have both been outfitting all our lives. We have an awesome team that were lucky to have as most of them have been with us for years. Our Guides are experienced hunters, horsemen, and backcountry men that we feel confident when it comes to the well being of our clients and stock and there hunting and backcountry abilities.

Our stock is what makes our Business possible as you could Not operate in Idaho’s back country with out them, when you turn a guide or packer loose with your stock and clients that has No experience with stock you are asking for trouble, wether it be a client getting injured from a guide not checking the cinch or a horse getting sore from not being saddled right or hurt from not being taken care of or handled properly in different situations, that being said when we hire a guide we want to know they can care for and manage the stock for the safety of our Clients and the well being of our stock, as one sore or Injury can put that animal out for the season and each is valuable in there roll to the outfit

If you have no interest in learning the basics of Packing, handling, or caring for stock this school is NOT for you! We will take into consideration if a student wants to learn more of the Guiding aspect verses the Packing and divide your time accordingly, as long as each student learns the basics of stock and packing. Our motto is everyone should be able to handle the basics of guiding and Packing and everyone chips in until the last horse is unsaddled and cared for.

This Profession is Not for everyone theres long hot days in the Summer and early cold mornings with long days in the winter often times riding into camp well after dark.

This class will be a all hands on guide / packer school, the class is a 5 week course done during our spring bear season or our early fall season.
You will spend you first week getting familiar with the stock, learning the basics of handling, saddling, riding, and caring for the stock.
The second week we will begin teaching you how to mantie Duffle and the basics of knots and packing the stock.

The remainder of your time will be spent shadowing one of our guides and assisting in field dressing and helping our packer with hauling supplies or retrieving game.
If this sounds like the class for you give us a call and we will Adjust the activities and class to your preference as far as Primarily Guiding , packing, or Both.

I. Activities for Basic Class

  • Horse care, Saddling, Handling, & Riding
  • Client Care and skills
  • Basic Packing and leading a string
  • Backcountry safety and Rules
  • Firearm safety
  • Field dressing Game
  • Running a chain saw

Optional Activities * Depending on your Focus Guide vs Packer

  • Guiding Skills
  • Scouting For game
  • Learning Bugling and Calls
  • Wrangling
  • Fine tuning your Horsemanship
  • Fine Tuning your Packing Skills
  • Basics of Horseshoeing
  • Setting up a wall tent / Camp

Cost is $4,400.00 Per student 5 week All hands on course

*Student Must be 18 years or older
*Student is required to sign a release form prior to starting class
*have a current Lifeflight membership
*Have current First Aid ( First Aid will be required for you to obtain a Idaho Guides License )

  • Must be able to lift 80lbs minimum! Elk quarters can be heavier!
  • Have a current Drivers License

1. Guide / Packer School
Class Available 4/10 to 5/15

  • Spring Bear Hunts Spot & Stalk with Bait
  • Packing Baits
  • Field dressing and retrieving Game
  • Mainly based Out of our place in Yellow Pine
  • All Meals provided
  • Students can take a day or two off in between Hunts

2. Guide / Packer School
Class Available 8/20 to 9/24

  • Fall Bear hunts, Archery, and Rifle Hunts
  • Packing bait & Camp Supplies
  • Field Dressing and retrieving Game
  • Mainly based out of our Backcountry camp, Between Hunts lodging in Yellow Pine
  • All Meals Provided
  • Students can take a Day or two off in between Hunts

Limited Availability we only take 2 Students Each Class !
25% Due upon Booking and is NON Refundable ( If a unforseen event occurs we can Roll you over to a future class )
Remaining Balance Due 30 Days Prior
If you Finish and pass the class we will get your Guides license for you and can offer job Placement

Gear List:
Bedroll with pillow
Rain Gear
Warm Clothing
Comfortable clothing
Plenty of Socks!
water proof shoes
Cowboy Boots
Insulated hiking Boots
Pocket Knife
Day Pack
Head Lamp & flash light
Water bottle

  • Binoculars ( If Focusing on Guiding )
  • Range Finder ( If Focusing on guiding )
    Saddle * If you have one * NO full rigs or roping type saddles