Idaho Elk and Mule Deer Hunting

About The Hunts

On our Idaho Guided Elk hunts we use our horses to get to prime glassing & hunting areas, if you are afraid of horses or heights these hunts are not for you. We put our clients on our best & most proven mounts to assure their safety. We use the horses to cover distances and to go up in elevation where the terrain permits to save on your legs. We do require our clients to walk their mounts down hill as it saves on our horses front ends.

On these hunts it is important that our hunters are in TOP physical shape for higher success rates!! Idaho is steep and rugged and our stock can only go as far as the terrain permits, so when game is spotted it’s important that our hunters be able to get within shooting range!

On our 20A rifle hunts crossing the river daily on horseback is required to get to the hunting unit, it is a long shallow crossing.

Riding back to camp on horseback in the dark after a day of hunting is a common event, horses can see in the dark & using flashlights blinds them.

There is no guarantee on these hunts we do our best to pair you with a experienced Guide that is familiar with our hunting area, but there are alot of other factors that come into play such as weather, the moon, and being in good physical shape to get to the game.

  • We hunt on public land on the Payette National Forrest and we can not gurantee that we will not run in to other hunters, although using the horses we can typically get away from most other DIY’s
  • We do not have more than 4 hunters in a camp at a time, we are about quality not quantity!!!

Our Idaho Archery Elk hunts start August 30th through September 30th. In our early archery hunts, depending on the signs our guides are seeing, we either do them from our back country camp or the Buck horn Outfitters Headquarters out of Yellow Pine, Idaho. In Yellow Pine you have your own cabin and we drive ( 40 to 60 Minutes ) to different trail heads, we may go on foot or use horses to get to where we have been seeing sign. Our early hunts can be challenging depending on the weather, we recommend doing these hunts as a Elk, Bear & Wolf combo as the Mule Deer can be hard that time of year, you can bring a rifle for bear and wolf and have your guide pack it in case you get an opportunity to harvest one.

On our later Archery hunts September 15th to the 30th we do our hunts from our back country camps the ride in can be 3 to 5 hours depending on the camp. Our camps consist of wall tents, wood stoves, cots, lanterns extra, everything is packed into our camps on our Pack string. We have a Cook tent where our meals are served, a client tent, guides tent, and an outhouse tent.

Our rifle season starts September 15th and runs through November 18th these hunts can be combo Elk, Mule Deer, ( Bear, until end of October ) & Wolf hunts. These hunts are also done from our back country camps, our camp sits in Unit 25 on the border of Unit 20 A which works to our benefit with our hunt schedule as we use each unit for a two week period and give the other unit a break. Our camp sits right on the South Fork of the Salmon River at just under 4,000 ft in elevation, we can hunt up to 7,000 ft in elevation. With our later rifle hunts the more weather the better as it pushes the game down from the high country.

1 on 1 Archery Hunt $7500.00
2 on 1 Archery Hunt $6,

1 on 1 Rifle Hunt $7,700.00
2 on 1 Rifle Hunt $6,500.00

Non-Hunter Fee $2,000

Prices Do Not Include :
Rental vehicels to & from airport
Taxes 6% Idaho sales Tax & 3% Federal Use Tax
Tags & License fees:
License $185.00
IDFG Depredation Access Fee $10.00
Elk $651.75
Deer $351.75
Bear $231.75
Wolf $31.75
Archery Permit $81.75

A minimum of 20% gratuity is recommended for staff.

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